Le lapin à la moutarde de Laurent Brunacci

Rabbit Leg Confit with a Mustard Crust And Fresh Fettuccini with Marsala Wine

For one person

Take 1 fresh rabbit leg and season with salt & pepper. In a plastic bag add 4 soup spoons of flour and the leg. Tight the bag and shake, the leg will be coated with flour, leaving your table and hands clean. In a pan, add a good amount of extra virgin olive oil to fry the leg in at medium heat, until golden.

In a casserole, the size of the leg, cover the leg with extra virgin olive oil, Add also 1 stem of rosemary & thyme, 1 bay leaf, 3 crushed garlic clove, salt and pepper. Cook it at low heat, simmering until the leg becomes very soft, and the meat almost falling of the bone, keep aside in oil. Pre heat your oven at 450. Place the leg on an oven tray, with a brush coat the leg heavily with Dijon mustard. Then sprinkle with Japanese breadcrumbs. Place in the oven until the breadcrumbs becomes toasted brown. Turn the oven off.

In a pan at high heat add 1 soup spoon of butter, when brown, add 1 sliced shallot, Give coloration to the shallot, Then add 1 large Portobello mushroom cut onto finger size quarts with the shallot. Cook until the mushroom becomes colorated. Add a handful of blanched sweet peas and deglaze with ½ glass of Marsala wine. Reduce until it is almost dry. Add ½ glass of veal demi-glaze, (or tasty chicken broth). Reduce by half. Add the cooked “al dente” fresh fettuccini. Add ½ soup spoon of fresh butter, give a good heat to the garnish, Check the seasoning. Dress the pasta in a shallow plate with the sauce, put the rabbit leg on top. Sprinkle the plate with fresh chervil and French tarragon leaves.

Ready to serve, bon appetit !

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