La France telle que l’Amérique la pense

Les derniers articles des think-tanks

The French Paradox: Assessing Social and Political Landscape Changes in France. Hichem Karoui. Media Monitors Network. 15 mai 2007

The Sarkozy Revolution: Five Recommendations for the New French President . Nile Gardiner. The Heritage Foundation. 9 mai 2007

Sarkozy’s Victory and the Future of U.S.–French Relations Sally McNamara. The Heritage Foundation. 8 mai 2007

Sarkozy and the World. Michael Moran. Council on Foreign Relations. 7 mai 2007

French Voters Have Given Sarkozy ‘Mandate for Change. Interview de Serge Serge Schmemann editeur de la page éditoriale du International Herald Tribune. Council on Foreign Relations. 7 mai 2007

Economic Misinformation Plays a Major Role in French Election. Mark Weisbrot. Center For Economic and Policy Research. 26 avril 2007

Watching the French Elections From Across the Divide. Philip H. Gordon. The Brookings Institution. 18 avril 2007

Les Français préfèrent l’apparence du changement. Philip H. Gordon. The Brookings Institution. 17 avril 2007

Ségolène Royal and the Future of Franco–American Relations. Sally McNamara. The Heritage Foundation. 23 février 2007

Timeline U.S.-France relations Council on Foreign Relations

Livres récents

The Strategic Triangle: France, Germany, and the United States in the Shaping of the New Europe. Helga Haftendorn, Georges-Henri Soutou, Stephen F. Szabo, Samuel F. Wells Jr. The Woodrow Wilson Center. 2007.

WHY FRANCE? American Historians Reflect on an Enduring Fascination . Des historiens américains reviennent sur les liens qui les unissent à la France. Préfacée par Laura Lee Downs et Stephan Gerson. Conclusion de Roger Chartier.

Americans and Europeans—Dancing in the Dark: On Our Differences and Affinities, Our Interests, and Our Habits of Life. Denis L. Bark. The Hoover Institution. Mai 2007


De passage à Washington? French Security and Defense Policy Under Nicolas Sarkozy. Avec Eric Boyer menbre de la Fondation pour la recherche stratégique. Le 25 mai au Woodrow Wilson International Center.