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SQL Technologies is a full-service company. We offer a variety of services that can help your company succeed. The following list is just a selection, contact us to learn more.

You’re knee-deep in a project, be it PHP, Python, or .NET, and you’ve got a deadline to meet. We can send consultants to help you finish your project. Each one is exhaustively trained in their specialties, and will be a great asset to your team. We currently work with startups, Fortune 500s, and everything in between. Contact us for more details.

Stop by our consultants page to learn more and check availability.

In-House Development
If you’re starting from scratch, we recommend you consider our in-house development solutions. We’ll discuss your requirements, draw up plan and design, and deliver your solution within weeks. We use open-source software exclusively. So you’ll receive a finely-tuned product that’s future-proof, and more importantly, can be modified by anyone. No vendor lock-in. Take a look at our capabilities to learn more.

Companies often believe they’re tied down to their legacy web applications, with no way to move forward. The idea of migration may seem daunting at first, but SQL Technologies can help you make the transition. We’ll design, plan, and build a new architecture for you. But more importantly: we’ll help you migrate your legacy data over to the new system. Hundreds of database tables, and millions of rows won’t stop us.